Content Creation and Consulting

“Suzanne is a fantastic copywriter. Not only does she have a knack for writing creative content, but she takes the time to really understand what the content’s purpose is. This allows her to write targeted, compelling and relevant content whether it’s a blog post, web content or email campaign. Because she understands SEO, her copy also does a great job of catching the attention of search engines which goes a long way to support our optimization efforts. She is wonderful to work with and our clients have nothing but positive things to say about the content she crafts for them.”- Jeune Ortiz, VP of Marketing and Creative Director, Future Ink
“Suzanne was a great addition to our team. She consistently provided top flight quality content for our article and blog sections. In particular, her flower guides showcased her research and copywriting strentgths. Plus, she went above and beyond by doing diligence on SEO algorhythm updates that impacted the way content was developed and created. We sincerely appreciated her contributions over the past year.”- Robert Dudley, Director of SEO, ProFlowers, Sharries Berries, Red Envelope, Personal Creations
“Thanks Suzanne for the great writing and rapid communication. You really managed to see what we are doing at the Lightning Brewery by listening to my ramblings about beer. Then you were able to capture our focus on “Purity, Quality and Integrity” and that we “Brew Better Beer though Science.”- James J. Crute, PhD, Head Brewer and Founder, Lightning Brewery

Keep Your Customer Pipeline Full with Content

Content is the Lifeblood of Small Business Email, Search, Social & Marketing Automation

 Winning leads and authority via content marketing requires strategy.

Get quality SEO content and website copywriting that’s always hip to what Google, Bing and the other search engines want that week. High quality content from a professional search engine optimization content writer both sends clear messages to search engines AND prompts website visitors to buy, call, submit a question or sign up to receive your sales messages on a regular basis.

Better yet, I have mastered the technical hassles of Constant Contact, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, WordPress and more. I take the stress out of building an online presence because I handle its two most nerve-wracking elements: the writing and the platform wrangling.


80% of Small Business Leads Only Convert after 8 to 10 “Touches”

Social Posts, Emails and Blog Posts Can Be Those Touches

Google tells us that today’s consumer reads 11 pieces of content before making the first call. The good news is that one piece of content can be molded to fit social, email, blog and even marketing automation. Creating a blog post without broadcasting it on the email newsletter and social channels amounts to leaving opportunity locked up in your website. Sharing fun or funny photos on your social channels without writing something up about them for your blog does the same.

When you distribute your content via all channels, you:

  1. create leads – when the web content writer convinces visitors to call or sign up for your email list.
  2. turn your channels (website, social, email and blog) into an automated sales person – that doesn’t ask for time off!
  3. increase conversions – when powerful, precise copy flaunts the benefits of your product or service.
  4. improve bounce rates – because engaging, entertaining website copywriting keeps readers reading.
  5. attract organic links – because a professional web content writer knows what to say to prompt others to link to you. Google views incoming links as endorsements and raises your rank accordingly.

As a San Diego web content writer, I’ve worked intensively with Fortune 500 corporations, internet marketing firms, small businesses and professional service providers. Unlike the large content agencies or (heaven forbid!) the offshore content writers, when you work with Informed Web Content, you work with me, Suzanne Delzio. Your copy won’t be passed around from writer to copyeditor to secretary and around the block again. And it won’t be winging its way to India!

Call the number above, and I pick up the phone. Want to meet at a Starbucks? Let’s do it. Have a Skype account? Ring me up!

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, I know how tenuous business survival can be. I take your business’ success to heart and bring all my sales copy, web content, social, email and search engine training and talent to every assignment. When your small business or agency needs a 20-pack of quality blog posts, social media content, email content, a cohesive website content that converts, a hard-hitting white paper that solves client problems and generates leads, trust Informed Web Content. I love what I’m doing and look forward to boosting your business profits as your quality content writer!