Small Business Owners Need This to Get Reviews on Google+ and Yelp

Drawings Prompt Customers to Overcome Inertia and Get that Great Review up on Google+ and Yelp
Small businesses must get to the top of Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) and Yelp directories to land on the first page of search engine results and therefore get the most clicks and traffic. Reviews are a huge part of making it into the first ten listings, and yet many businesses are reluctant to ask for them.

Uncomfortable Asking for Yelp or Google+ Reviews? Take These. We Made Them for YOU.

Download all four pages from our dropbox (and if your browser comes up with a warning box, please know that we’re too busy writing to infect any files with viruses.) The MSWord format allows you to tailor the text and offers to your business. Small Business Request for Customer Google Plus Reviews Front Small Business Request for Customer Google Plus Reviews Back Small Business Request for Yelp! Reviews Front Small Business Request for Yelp! Reviews Back   The asking part is right in these four Microsoft word doc downloads. We left them in MSWord format to make it easy for you to pop in your business name and your offer.  We’ve highlighted the areas you need to change to make sure you don’t miss any.  Get it to them before the holidays even!  Everyone wants a free gift, either for themselves or for a friend. We put four on a page so that you can print them out front and back (preferably on bright paper), cut them into 4 and hand them out easily. You just cut and replace the yellow parts with your very own business name, offers and contact information. Easy! Front: Prompt to Get Google+ Reviews   Back: Google+ Review Request Prompt This back part can remain untouched as they are simple instructions and not branded in any way.

Still Uncomfortable Asking for Yelp and Google+ Reviews?

Recast your request in your mind. Instead of thinking that you’re ASKING for something, realize that you’re GIVING them opportunity to enter a drawing to win an iPod, Microsoft Surface (I want it!), Xbox 360, a year’s worth of massages, dog food, teeth cleaning and more. Did you wince at the mention of an expensive prize? If you’re not willing to spend a few hundred on this marketing campaign, you may as well stop reading now. Research has shown that customers need something worth hundreds in order to remember and then expend the effort to write a Google Plus or Yelp review for you. On the other hand, do you think $400 – $600 is reasonable for 10 Google + or Yelp reviews? We do. It only takes five Google reviews to win some traction in the Google+ Directory rankings (gotta get in that first 10!).  Further, as we’ve mentioned in other posts, having regular Google+ updates is doing wonders for local search engine optimization for businesses, including Informed Web Content!  If you’re not as engaged on Google Plus as you are on Facebook, now is the time. Also, in the versions I’ve included below, I’ve included a small reward for everyone posting a review. Make it a win-win-win! Have you asked for reviews before only to get no response? Ergh!

Why Customers Have Failed to Leave Google+ and Yelp Reviews Before

Many fans of a business want to help their favorite service providers and vendors. When they leave your doors, they’re determined to head home and write up that review. But three things get in the way:

  • interruptions (in our over-scheduled society),
  • intertia, and
  • intimidation and/or lack of familiarity with Google+ and/or Yelp

This post gets you past all three.  

 Use an “Enter to Win” Drawing to Start Accruing Those All-Important Google+ and Yelp Reviews

Have questions about this process? Feel free to contact us or call us at (858) 248-0667, or Skype director Suzanne Delzio @suzanne.delzio. We’re always on Skype  and email. Don’t forget our other Free Internet Marketing Tools like this one. You can get our Business Blog Start Up Kit, the workbook that teaches blogging best practices while getting your very own blog DONE! If you need to put your small business’ unique selling propositions and marketing messages into ideal form on your business website, know that at Informed Web Content, we are experts in sales website copywriting and SEO copywriting. In the meantime, get hopping on those Google+ and Yelp Reveiws!    



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