25 Best Tips from Constant Contact’s “Conquer Your Content & Copywriting Fears” Event

SEO Copywriting and Content Fears event
The lovely and knowledgable Corissa St. Laurent of Constant Contact wrangles effective online content and copywriting
Yesterday I attended online marketing solutions provider Constant Contact’s event, “Conquer Your Copywriting and Content Fears.” As an experienced SEO copywriter San Diego businesses utilize on a weekly, monthly or one-shot basis, I really don’t have any fears left (thank heavens because writing fears plagued me for the first few years of my career; they are not fun). I was just there to “poach” potential clients from the free event. Despite how user-friendly Constant Contact is (full disclosure: I am a Constant Contact Solutions Provider), people still struggle with what to say or to write on their newsletter, blog and social media channels. Pile the tech on top of that, and creating an EFFECTIVE small business email newsletter becomes daunting. While eventually anyone can get pretty proficient on Constant Contact, there is a learning curve.

Best Small Business Email And Social Marketing Insights From The Event

  1. Posting Frequencies For Each Channel

Constant Contact has the skinny on the ideal number of times to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Since they skipped blogging, I will put in my own opinion below. It’s amazing to me that they think posting 10 times per week on Facebook is low-volume. Social Updating Frequency And Type

  Frequency Type
Blog At least one time per week. Better is twice a week. Best: 3X. The minute I start taking my own advice I will let you know. High-value/low volume
Facebook 3 to 10 times per week High-value low-volume. Funny.
Twitter Minimum 5 times per week to infinity Low- value/high volume
Linked In 2 to 5 times per week High value/low-volume
Pinterest 5 to 10 times per day High volume/high-value (these are buyers ready to buy))


  1. Reminders of what to write about in your email newsletter ( I like to do 2 -4 blog posts aggregated on the newsletter; that way you get some SEO juice as well as direct contact with clients):
  • Case studies or client story of how your product or service benefited them
  • Answer top questions
  • Highlight a customer or client and their experience ( clients love

this! It’s the Selfie Era!)

  • Go negative: 3 __________________ to Avoid to Survive ___________________________
  • Go Rogue: give client something useful about your city that has nothing to do with your business. Presenter Corissa St. Laurent gave the example of an insurance company that put up “10 Top Things To Do In Boston This Weekend” every Friday.

  To this list am going to add:  

  • Relate your business to any seasonal opportunity. Read my blog post, “Use Football Related Content To Draw Brand Awareness.” I will be using the same 12 industries to come up with examples for October, Halloween and fall as well.
  • News Jack: this term means to take a popular new story and relate it to your brand somehow: I news jacked the now famous Seahawks corner Richard Sherman controversy from the fall of 2013. I cut a picture of a pasty-faced SEO guru’s image and put it in Sherman’s dreadlocks and helmet to make it FUNNY!

SEO  copywriting trick news jacking example    

  • Industry news: give your clients your spin on breaking news in your industry
  • Product news, conferences, national holidays, local events, your sports team . . . I could go on and on
  1. General Blog And Social Media Copywriting Tips

I didn’t take notes here because I’m so sick of hearing them. In fact, right now I’m working with a very experienced marketer who just asked me to stop using contractions and a personable tone in the blogs I was doing for your client. I’ll do with the client says, but those tactics are contrary to measured, proven best blog in social media marketing copywriting.   Do’s:

  • Write as if you’re in conversation with someone. Use contractions and a friendly approachable tone.
  • Write in with bullet points and short sentences. At least started out that way to leave your reader into the blog post to the point whether they’ll have more patience and read a whole paragraph at the bottom of the post. People are in a rush online!
  • There are many more she didn’t cover and I don’t have time to go over here. It did make me think, however, it is very tough for small business person to create their own SEO copywriting.


  • Use industry jargon, purple prose or stiff academic writing.


  1. Cool Tools (besides Constant Contact)

As a San Diego SEO copywriter, I found getting to know a few easy online free tools has expanded my flexibility and ability to deliver my clients need. Most of all, I love my Picmonkey. Picmonkey has saved me the horrors of the 100 MB complexity of Adobe’s Photoshop.

While I depend upon lots of free online tools, Corissa St. Laurent brought up two I didn’t know.

  • Pixeur: an better Color Cop for matching website colors to your email newsletter or any other platform you choose to use
  • Manage Flitter: a shortcut to managing Twitter. Use only if your you get lots of business from Twitter. Do your customers hang out there? If not, blow it off.


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Constant Contact's Corissa & IWC founder Suzanne at SEO Copywriting event
Constant Contact’s Corissa & IWC founder Suzanne at SEO Copywriting event
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