Suzanne Delzio

“In God we trust. All others must bring data”

Why “informed?” The driving strategy behind Informed Web Content is that every SEO copywriting choice springs from the most recent search engine updates, as well as reputable keyword and conversion optimization research.

But that’s just the technical part . . .

Great SEO copywriting is also about funneling passion and persuasion into prose. Crafting emotional messages that ALSO secretly appeal to search engine robots as well. Melding the two is my specialty as a web content writer. View my seo copywriting portfolio here.

A Content Writer that Is a True Business Omnivore . . .

I haven’t found a product or service that hasn’t grabbed me yet. Clients always have interesting stories to be discovered and shared, whether they’re dealing in water purifiers, farmers’ markets, flowers or non-profit work. I thrive on getting those stories and product benefits to consumer audiences with genuine, clear and powerful messages. Web content writers learn new, esoteric information every day, and I’m lucky enough to be one of them.

Even though you know how your product or service improves your customer’s lives, putting those benefits into the words that prompt them to buy, call or request more information may evade you. More, many find balancing the desires of flesh-and-blood readers with relentless search engine algorhithms daunting. A professional web content writer has seen and written thousands of web pages, blog headlines, white papers, seo articles and knows what works, what “pulls.”

It was the mercurial quality of web content writing that, in 2007, prompted me to switch from print writing (3 books published by HarperCollins, 1 by Capstone Press, 5 ghostwritten books and many articles for magazines) to online SEO copywriting. Where before the new millennium, much advertising writing amounted to guesswork, the advent of analytics and split-testing allowed people to see just which stories, sentences and calls to action really prompt people to buy or click. I realized how much more powerful sales messages could be with this incredible info-boost. A new challenge at mid-life? No info-vore could pass that up. I leapt onto the path to becoming a highly skilled web content writer.

At SEO and web content conferences I took the accelerated SEO copywriting courses. At Blog World, Facebook Success Summit, Lavacon, Internet Marketing Summit and Search Engine Strategies, I was always the annoying questioner in the front row. Pretty soon, my list of small business clients expanded to a long stint at ProFlowers.com, where I learned what it took to keep a nationwide company with $600 million in revenues high in the search engine rankings (a lot!). Check out my portfolio to see examples of smart footers, web page copy, blog content and more.

Today, I work from my San Diego home , providing SEO web content for

Content Writer Suznane Delzio
Suzanne in work mode . .. .
corporations, internet marketing and SEO companies and small businesses. I am happy to travel to your location or even work via internet or Skype anytime.

When your small business or SEO copywriting team needs a 20-pack of optimized blog posts, cohesive website content that coverts, a hard-hitting white paper that solves client problems and generates leads, trust Informed Web Content. I love what I’m doing and look forward to boosting your business profits as your web content writer!

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Writing Background:

View my seo copywriting portfolio here.

Winner, San Diego Book Award, 1999

Suzanne Delzio’s books published by HarperCollins, Capstone Press and WS Publishing.

Suzanne Delzio’s articles published by The Ladies Home Journal, The Los Angeles Times and many more.


*Market Motive’s Website Conversion Optimization course with Bryan Eisenberg

* Neilsen Norman Group’s Email Marketing and SEO Copywriting course

*Cornell University, 1986, B.S., Business Management and Marketing

*San Diego State University, 1992, M.A., American Literature