“No Conversions:” Informed Web Content Reviews a Consulting Company’s Web Presence

 Hello Readers, This is an actual letter I sent to a company that reached out to me. You can easily find it the internet. With continuing poor conversions, they’ve concluded their website copy and content isn’t convincing enough to convert visitors. While yes the copy needs a lot of work, the website and overall web presence […]

“Just get us your web content,” the designer says. What to do next.

When a web designer says, “Just get us your content,” many business owners mumble agreement, hoping a quick web search will deliver clear and easy answers. Here’s what to do next. 1.  Accept that the website is no longer just a brochure.  It’s an active  sales person, offering lots of free swag in hopes of […]

5 Dire Limitations Plaguing the Free or Limited Website Providers

. . . as depicted in Legos (what else?)                     All-in-one or free/limited hosting/website design companies are like a simple Lego set depicted above: limited, static, dull.  These include: Vista Print, Homestead’s Sitebuilder, GoDaddy’s all-in-one package and more.                 […]