Free Tools

Download each one and then modify to your business’ needs. If you make a big mess of yours, no worries. Just delete it and download a fresh sample again.

Printable, Customizable and Free Requests for Google+ and Yelp! Reviews

We left these in MSWord so that you can download and replace all highlighted areas with your own business information, calls to action, prizes and offers. With the drawing to win an iPad enticement on the front, we outlined just how to leave Google + and Yelp reviews on the back so that clients have no excuse for failure!

Small Business Request for Customer Google Plus Reviews

Small Business Request for Yelp! Reviews


IWC’s Business Blog Start-Up Kit
45 pages of workbook-formatted guidance teaches you blogging best practices while you get the practical work done. Most helpful if you print out a hard copy and work with the digital copy on your computer simultaneously. You want to be able to write in the workbook, but also quickly check out the many links I’ve included in digital form. Just enter your email address in the right here to get the kit.


IWC’s Brainless Brainstorming Tool to Get Optimized Blog Posts Done! 
From the roughest of drafts to a pristine, optimized blog post that engages readers and impresses Google, too.


IWC’s Excel Editorial Calendar Template: Complete with four sheets for planning regular posts along with incoming and outgoing guest posts, columns for Facebook and Twitter release dates and forms and more.


IWC’s Excel Blog and Social Media Topic Spinner and Organizer: Dump your blog ideas on sheet one under the categories you’ve decided to cover. Let sheet two help you get keywords into every topic and title. Sheet three helps you shrink your topics for Twitter. Sheet four helps you get an idea of what from the blog and Twitter would work for Facebook, too. Each sheet has clear instructions at the top.


Free Content Marketing, Business Blog and Website Tools from Other Sources:

Hubspot’s Website Grader
Analyze and improve your website. Hubspot gives you specific, free advice in a matter of seconds.

Hubspot’s Press Release Grader
Analyze and improve your press release.

Hubspot’s Blog Grader
Analyze and improve your blog.

Google Keyword Tool
Run your URL through this tool and have them recommend keywords for you! They couldn’t make it any easier.