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Quality Construction Content holding up success letters

With all the competition facing those in the construction industry, it’s critical your copywriter gets your business’ unique advantages to the client inlanguage they can understand and appreciate. After all, we know that construction content can be dry as sawdust, dense as concrete and unique as a ten-penny nail.

The Easy Part . . .

SEO Copywriting Uploaded and Interlinked for You

You won’t have to pull in a developer with Informed Web Content on the job.

Unlike the typical copywriter, I wrangle website, blog and social media channels technology like the best IT nerd. I make sure each written asset is leveraged from blog post to social media to email newsletter to website and back again.

When blog posts and website sales pages are interlinked, visitors stay on your site longer, improving your SEO and wearing down their resistance to your offers.

New blog posts announced on your social media channels not only create backlinks, they increase brand awareness and bring Facebook browsers back to your website where your offers live.

Four blog posts aggregated at the end of the month and voila! You have an email newsletter to send straight to your email list. If they missed the posts, the email newsletter in their inbox reminds them you’re still out there and building masterpieces for San Diego businesses and homeowners every day.

Of course I offer copyrighting for all platforms à la carte as well.

The Affordable Part . . .

• $175 for a 750 – 1000 services or sales page, order of 3 pages minimum
• $45 per blog post, order of 4 posts minimum
• 4 blog posts per month upload and interlinked to website service pages and broadcast through social media channels: $275/month, 3 month contract minimum.

The SEO Part . . .

As an SEO copywriter, I know when to link to your home page, contact page, other blog posts and more. I understand how to use the network of words surrounding your topic to convince the search engines that your construction content is unique and meaningful. Of course I understand keyword density and the close eye Google keeps on over-stuffing. Most importantly, I work with you to find your unique contribution to the building industry so that the search engines get the latest and greatest insights. I can geo-target your construction content so that prospects know you provide quality, local service.

The Persuasive Part . . .

Your best prospects come from positioning specific services to solve the problems of unique audiences. I get to know, not only what you offer, but your audience demographics and motivations and then position your services so it’s clear you help them become happier, healthier, wealthier, and of course more beautiful!

In other words, I start with an emotional appeal and then back it up with your company’s best, hard hitting facts.
How do I “lift the veil” from your ideal prospect? I take the time to research customer complaint websites such as RipOff Report, Pissed Consumer and more for your specific industry and services. There, I get to dive into customers’ fears, motivations and obstacles. I also read not only the interactive forums and blogs about the building services you offer, but social media comments on the pages of your competitors.
This level of research and tweaking gets you:

• website sales pages that win the call or email,
• blog posts that display your expertise and boost your SEO,
• social media updates that raise awareness of your brand
I have been delivering tightly-written, search engine optimized construction content to San Diego companies for four years.

The San Diego Part . . .

A San Diego resident for 27 years, I know some of the challenges both homeowners and construction companies face with zoning and building regulations, limited property availability and the dry, desert air. I’m well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities of San Diego neighbors from Oceanside to Del Mar, to La Jolla to National City and all points inland. I can optimize your web pages for Local Search so that search engines recognize your territory and deliver your content to those close by. Most want a local company with local reviews to accountability anyway.

Why Blog and Participate in Social Media?

  • With carefully chosen words that target your ideal client’s needs and pain points, search-engine-optimized content casts a net over potential customers surfing the web. Who’s surfing the web these days? Everybody. Your customers, too. When do they do it? Constantly.
  • Blogging familiarizes potential customers with your products, services, brand and approach.
  • Social media channels and blog posts sweep interested web surfers back to your sales pages where your offers, phone numbers and contact forms live.

Marketing giant Hubspot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report finds:

• Businesses that blog once or twice per month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t blog at all.

.• Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads online than those without a blog.

• B2B marketers rate blogging as the most effective content marketing tactic, while B2C marketers rate eNewsletters as the most effective tactic. Why not aggregate blog posts on email newsletter and capture all opportunities!

All Parts Together Now! Quality Construction Content at Affordable Rates

A past winner of the San Diego Book Award with three books sold to HarperCollins and lots of magazine credits, I couldn’t write low quality content if I tried. Business owners come to me after they have been shocked by the poor quality content their college student intern, thriller-writing neighbor, off-shore developer or other unqualified connection creates.

We’re based in San Diego, but are happy to work via Skype, email, Google Chat and even that ancient technology, telephone. Despite what other social media gurus say, it’s still early in the game for many businesses, especially veterinarians. Download our FREE Veterinary Blogging Start Up Kit and our handy Cheat Sheet for Getting the Veterinary Blog Post Done to dip your toe into the veterinary content pond.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at (858) 348-5655 or contact us today! You can also follow us on FacebookGoogle Plus and Twitter. We’re happy to answer quick questions via our contact form as well.