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Quality SEO Web Page Content Keeps You on Top of Google Updates

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Just as professional graphics and design conveys the reliability and quality of your business, professional SEO copywriting sends the signals, too, that your business has the value and expertise the reader needs.

If your business is going to have an online presence, every aspect must be top-notch, including the words and sales messages.

But What about Google’s Constant Updates!

Internet marketing changes so fast, people wonder whether it’s worth even trying to get customers and leads online.

The good news is: Google is into Karma. Do good and good things come to you. Do bad and . . . well . . . Google not happy.  Whatever that month’s search engine update, if your website consistently works hard to deliver helpful, well-written content that solves visitors problems and answers their questions clearly, Google will recognize your efforts. Websites with great high quality content skate through these updates more often than not.

GOOGLE WANTS BUSINESS TO WRITE FOR PEOPLE!  And each month their algorhythm gets more and more sophisticated at measuring whether SEO content is aimed at people or its own robots.  Robot-focused content leads to  . . .

. . . Bad SEO Copywriting Karma

Google and other search engines punish copywriting for the web when it does bad stuff like:

  • Over-optimize – focus on repeating  a keyword rather than delivering helpful, solid information.
  • Use poor grammar and organization –the error-filled, incoherent garbage generated by non-native speakers toiling off-shore but also U.S.-based content “mills” like Demand Media and Brafton.
  • Is a “Fluff” piece – in other words, conveys very general information anyone could write in fifteen minutes – the text just acts as a keyword vehicle.  This lame writing contains no evidence of an expert willing to help by sharing hard-won knowledge.

Good SEO Karma:

Google, despite its next update, has always wanted and will always want quality, consumer-focused website copywriting with:

  • The most relevant, useful and expert answers to any given search query – steps, how-tos, definitions, reflections on industry news.
  • Rich content: with links to helpful sites (external links) or helpful, additional posts on the same site (internal links)
  • Titles, headlines and subheadlines, meta descriptions, meta titles and meta keywords using the primary keyword and secondary keywords that support the primary keyword.
  • SEO copywriting illustrated by relevant photos and video.

Quality SEO Copywriting Thinks Beyond the Robot

With all this talk of robots, spiders and algorhythms, it’s critical to remember that the words on a website must  not only seduce Google, they have to be engaging, impressive and clever enough to get a flesh and blood reader to sign up for a newsletter, call or even buy!

Tasked with achieving several  goals simultaneously, quality SEO copywriting also involves more than describing products, services, and how a business got started. It conveys how the business’ products or services will make help those visitors more wealthy, happy, beautiful, relaxed, healthy or successful. It must discuss customers’ need rather than business aspects at all times.

Internet marketing pioneer Bryan Eisenberg got so tired of businesses wanting to discuss themselves, he created a “we-we calculator” that quantified how many times a business talked about itself rather than readers’ needs.  Check it out to see how well your website scores!

Informed Web Content: Good SEO Copywriting Karma

I’ll always be a rule-following Girl Scout in all matters, and business is no exception.  Therefore, I create high quality website copywriting that meets Google’s desires: service to the website visitor at all times. Trying to game (or manipulate) an algorhytm created by 20 MIT computer engineering Ph.D.s isn’t my idea of a jolly time.

People make a decision about your business’ quality within the first two seconds of landing on your website. If it doesn’t look professional, off they bounce. In fact, a 2012 DemandGen report finds that 66% of buyers say the vendor’s website impacted their buying decision. More, an AOL Nielsen study revealed that 53% of consumer time online is spent consuming content (reading text as well as looking at photo and video).

Get your SEO web page copywriting done right the first time with Informed Web Content. When your small business or SEO copywriting team needs a 20-pack of optimized blog posts, cohesive website copywriting that coverts, a hard-hitting white paper that solves client problems and generates leads, trust Informed Web Content. I love what I’m doing and look forward to boosting your business profits with high quality SEO web page copywriting!

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Assuming each page is 250 – 400 words or all pages together average to 250 – 400 words per page. Including keyword research and anaylsis. SEO, advertising and marketing agencies can email for high volume prices.