Start a Blog at Your Business Location Affordably!

Whether via Skype, telephone or in person in San Diego, Informed Web Content makes it easy for you to start writing the HIGH QUALITY, USEFUL AND ENGAGING blog posts and web content that bring traffic to your website and boost sales!

After you’ve downloaded your Business Blog Start-Up Kit and other brainstorming and organizational tools on our Free Tools page, we’re here to guide and support you.

Once we help you strategize and develop your blog, we’ll show YOU how to write search engine optimized content that also appeals to humans. Then we disappear, never to charge you again (unless you beg us to).

Informed Web Content: Your Scalable Business Blog Widget

Informed Web Content can write your initial blog posts until you get rolling. We can also write one or more weekly or monthly for you to fill in your gaps. We’ll do what YOU tell us! (After we’ve explained how to write for both search engines and people simultaneously.) While we’re located in San Diego, we can also work by Skype. Have questions or need a quote? Fill out the form to the right and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Just Want Your Business Blog DONE as in set up, launched, ready to go?

For $350, we get you rolling and explain it all simply. We come to YOUR business and help you set it all up on YOUR system, spending 4 hours all at once or in 2, 2-hour visits.  Phew!  Check the business blog off your list! Call or  email us today!