Stuck? 21 Sentences to Prompt Blog Post Ideas

Print this list out and put it over your computer. Use it to get your keyboard smoking with blog post input!

keyboard burning with blog posts
These sentences will give you Fingers ‘o Fire for your blog

Business Activity Related Blog Post Prompts

  1. At last month’s Veterinary Dermatology/Green Technology/Childhood Obesity conference, I met a woman/saw a speaker who _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________. She shared with me that ____________________________________ __________________________________________. Those of us at home should take these words to heart. There is a rise in dogs with tick-caused lyme disease/demand for non-toxic sheet rock/exercise class dropouts.
  2. Our membership drive/Halloween Party/working vacation helped us connect/refocus on client priorities/develop these goals. Don’t just talk about the event, though. Include useful information.
  3. Don’t forget our open house/vaccination clinic/xeriscaping lecture at Home Depot. There, we’ll be giving away a free ___________________.  It will be your chance to GET (“get” is a huge trigger word for customers) _______________________________________________________.
  4. Today Client X came in today with ________________________ problem. We ___________________ solved it by _______________ ________________________________________.  This experience reminded me that many of our customers struggle with/need _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________. While this approach may not be what you need, we also offer ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________.

Industry Related Blog Post Ideas:

  1. This week, the New York Times (Newsweek, Politico, etc.) reported that . . .
    • (for accountants) “those who DON’T cheat on their taxes live longer.  I’m not surprised because . . . (illustration) In fact, once I had a client who . . . “  (conclusion) In the end, this finding makes sense/surprises me because . . .
    • This month’s Travel Agency Times/Midwest Hog Report/Journal of the American Medical Association (your industry publication!) divulged that a trend toward _________ __________________________ has begun in the _______________industry. To prepare ourselves/take advantage of this sea change, all travelers/pig farmers/cardiology patients should ______________________________________ __________________________________________________.
  1. “Those who can’t do, teach.” This quote plagues the education industry. Here’s why it’s wrong.

_________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________  

How-to Blog Post Ideas

  1. 5 Steps to . . .  Keeping Tax Materials Organized/Re-Planting Hydrangeas/
  2. How-to PREVENT . . . Identity Theft/ Sand from Ruining Your Carpet/Eat in Polite Company.
  3. Dos and Don’ts . . . 9 Facebook Marketing Dos and Don’ts, 5 Grilling Dos and Don’ts When Grilling Salmon, 6 Home-Buying Dos and Don’ts.
  4. How to SAVE MONEY . . .  when buying vacuum cleaner bags/food in bulk/advertising.
  5. How to FIND . . . the best craft beer in your area/carpenter in your area/local swimming pool.

Client Questions Prompt Blog Posts

  1. The number one question we get asked is . . . . Here’s the answer.
  2. Understanding . . . diabetes management/composting/church membership.
  3. Answers to the top 5 parenting/camping/engineering questions.

Reviews of Related Products

  1. Don’t buy the hype about . . .  the latest diet pill/beauty product/internet money-making scheme. (Negative)
  2. We’ve had great results with . . .  the newest rattlesnake vaccine/grass seed/motor oil. (Positive)
  3. New product coming out: . . . . “Newest Tony Hawk Skateboard Available at Christmas!” “WordPress SEO Super App to Be Made Available Next Year.”

Funny/Weird Blog Post Prompts (often photos and good for Facebook; Facebook thrives on unusual photos.)

  1. Have You Seen THIS . . . . cat photo/wrecked car/sink hole?
  2. Stars Doing Strange things relevant to your industry. “Police have apprehended Wesley Snipes on tax evasion. Here’s how to avoid his fate.” “Charlie Sheen Liked Costa Rica; You Will too! (Bring Your Own Goddess!)”
  3. Strange Statistic . . .  “Do 20% of people really believe Mitt Romney’s name is Mittens?” “65% of home gardeners kill their favorite plants by accident?”



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