Beware Bad Start-a-Blog Advice from Big Authorities

  PR Web’s Blog “The Connection” printed the post, Get Your Blog Rolling last week. Reading through it, my hair stood on end.

woman shocked over bad start a blog advice
This isn’t what I look like, but IT’S HOW I FELT WHEN I READ THAT POST!
It’s so superficial and misleading, PR Web didn’t even attribute it to any one author. Just one more piece of watered down drivel from big corporate.

My Objections Specifically?

Like many internet marketing sites, the author oversimplifies blogging. For instance, he/she didn’t even mention the necessity of keywords or links to category pages! More, he/she assumes anyone can write something engaging right off the bat. Getting to the point where you can write a useful and hopefully profitable blog post takes strategy, study and organization.

Objection 1:

“Got a great review of your company? Share it!” the post chirps at the beginning. The best blogging experts resoundingly agree that the business blog must GIVE to the reader, rather than sound the company’s horn. This point is so well accepted in the internet marketing circles that I refuse to belabor it. Put reviews in the testimonials page where they belong.

Objection 2:

“Have a star employee you want to call out?” Again, this is bragging about your business on a platform that should be dedicated to providing value so that you can become the go-to-source for your industry.

Objection 3:

“Struggling for ideas to blog about? An engaged writer makes for an engaged reader, so make sure you’re writing about something that interests you, and tie it in to your business.” Ahhh! Useless! While it’s always great to put your passion into prose, this vague advice sidesteps the keyword research and post planning necessary to actually win traffic to your site. Too many businesses are posting boring blog diaries without a focus on giving to the customer, either through helpful information or entertainment.  Don’t make your blog a boring diary. Make each post hard-hitting, unique and valuable to for your customers.

Objection 4:

“Be trendy. Blogging provides an excellent vehicle for discussing news trends that may not directly relate to your business, while engaging with potential customers about a topic that has piqued their interest.” Several of the companies I’ve worked for have shared that trying to be trendy or bringing celebrities into blog posts get bad responses. Consumers know when a company is trying to groove from a hot topic. Worse, at this time, the strategy is perceived as a trick and highlights the fact that the company isn’t exciting enough to turn out good stuff on its own. This said, if you can relate your business to the hot topic BELIEVABLY, it may work. Think: “American Airlines Offers Discount Tickets to London for the Summer Olympics,” rather than, “Is a Clogged Drain Ruining Your Summer Olympics Party?” The second is FORCED.

Objection 5:

“Be Brief.” If the topic calls for more than 800 words, deliver it. AND include links, video and illustrative photos to OVER-deliver to your audience. Solve their problems; enlighten them; make them laugh! You aim is to engender trust and respect, not give a fast read.

Bad ‘Start a Blog!’ Advice from a Big Authority Can Mean Lost Business for You

Typically, you’d think that a big firm like Vocus/PRWEb would deliver accurate information. Unfortunately, some of their posts clearly only exist to add keywords to their sites. It may be, too, that Vocus falls prey to the “Too big to be interesting” rule I notice at some big corporations where everything must go through “legal.” Always, always read stuff from all shapes and sizes of internet marketers and take the time to sift through which are reliable and trustworthy.

Not Sure What to Write About in Your Business Blog?

Check out my, “Stuck? 20 Sentences to Prompt Useful Blog Posts” and please download my Business Blog Start Up Kit from the Informed Web Content homepage. Yes, it requires your email address, but you can always opt out of my Informed Web Content This Week Newsletter after you get the kit. Print out the workbook and go through it step by step. It’s fun! A the end, you’ll have a whole blog planned and ready to roll out. Still paralyzed? Contact meand I’ll talk you off the ledge, send over more Free Tools I’ve designed to make business blogging easier and get you on the RIGHT track toward more traffic and sales.  

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