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Don’t you love it when the boss comes back from a conference or lecture and

corporate blogging can go to underlings
Is the boss telling you to handle the blog?
tells YOU the company needs corporate blogging?  A little research into blogging best practices tells you it’s the company owners and higher ups that have the voice and experience to write the posts. How did the corporate blog land in your lap? Ease the task back into their court with the following rationale. Tell them that they need to write the blog posts because:
  1. They’re the respected voice or the face of the company. People prefer to read information from the person most central to the organization.
  2. They are most likely to know and understand the company’s ideal client. Therefore, their own messages would appeal to that person most effectively.
  3. As the owner, they would put most passion into the post.
  4. Since they know the company’s sales message the best, they could create the blog posts quickly.

  Don’t be surprised if higher ups resist this pressure. Even very successful

corporate blogging task stare off between executive man and woman
Hold your ground!
executives and owners may actually be intimidated to write for a number of reasons. After you deliver your rationale and they moan with horror, give them the following (copy and paste the text below to its own clean document) cheat sheet to make blogging easy for them.

5 Simple Steps to Writing Blog Posts Quickly

1.  Take ten minutes and record or write down what happened today: (They may not use notes from every day, but 2 out of five days something should happen that’s worthy of sharing. It’s important to get them into the habit of writing each day. They can do it at the beginning of the day, reviewing the previous day’s events or at the end of the afternoon.) _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ What problem did you solve today? _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ What question did you answer? _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 2.  From the above information, write one line that could be a lesson or fact clients and customers could use to make their lives better or help them appreciate the company’s products/services. _________________________________________________________   Now, consider whether this idea would work best  in the form of:

  • A definition in question form (people often type questions into search engines; catch them by using their exact question as the blog post title):  “What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?”  First sentences could be the key to opening the floodgates.

Sentences to start the post:

  1. “It’s not hard confuse Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. . . “
  2. An easy way to understand Chapter 13 bankruptcy is . . .
  3. Actor Wesley Snipes could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he had only understood Chapter 13 Bankruptcy better.


  • An opinion on a news story or reaction to a current event. You can hand the boss an article along the lines of, “Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filings Down for the first time in 5 years.”  Tell boss to first summarize or state the news and then give his opinion on it.

Sentences to start the post

  1. “Yesterday (keep it current), the New York Times reported . . . “
  2. “Perhaps you’ve heard that . . .”
  3. “I was astonished to hear on CNN that . . .”
  • A funny story related to your industry:  “Vermont Man Files Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for His Parrot.”

Sentences to start the post

  1. “Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is common, sure, but . . .
  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and . . .
  3. Can you train a parrot to talk to the tax man on the phone?
  •  A how-to. If our bankruptcy client comes in with the wrong or incomplete financial documents, the boss can turn that experience into the blog post: “5 Steps to Locating and Organizing all Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Documents Fast.”

Sentences to start the post

  1. “When filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, just finding the appropriate documents can be intimidating . . . “
  2. “ If the tasks involved in filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy causes you to start hyperventilating, break the process into manageable pieces. Make finding and organizing tax and other financial documents is easy with these five steps.”
  3. “Don’t let disorganization stop you from filing for what could be a life-saving Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. We have lots of clients who walk in with sheepish grins and a shoebox of papers tucked under their arms. Want to get organized before you go to the bankruptcy attorney? Follow these 5 simple steps.”
  • Mention of a famous person who uses your product or service (even if not your brand), particularly if it’s scandalous:  “6 Movie Stars Who Filed for Chapter 3 Bankruptcy in 2012 and Why”

Sentences to start the post

  1. “Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is common, sure, but even among movie stars? You betcha!
  2. Desperate times prompt even the most pampered to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. According to _________________ website, the following 8 stars resorted to bankruptcy in 2012.
  3. Lights! Camera! Bankruptcy!

Now that you’ve determined the form you want the blog post to take (and there are plenty more formats than the 5 above), develop the idea you isolated from the day’s diary entry. Before you put the post up on the website, make sure you have your keywords in:

  • the page title
  • headlines
  • once per 100 words
  • the meta tags
  • the alt tags.

Not sure how to do that? Check at our post “Where to put Keywords in Pages and Posts.” Also, never forget to tack on a call to action paragraph with a convenient link.  If you look in my older posts, you’ll see I missed this crucial step for a good year or more! Just pattern yours from mine below here:

Boss and Corporate Blogging Made Easy

If your boss or the company owner is just too horrified to even start this process, you can depend on Informed Web Content to get the whole corporate blogging process rolling with search engine optimized blog posts that engage and entertain customers. While our download our Business Blog Start Up Kit helps get it all done, you can also depend on us to guide you through the  process in manageable steps. Go from zero to hero in a month or less, and once you’ve got everything down, Informed Web Content disappears like a print newspaper.  We love learning about new businesses. Call or email us today!

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