Get Your Content Writers to Add Calls-to-Action to Each Blog Post for Higher Profits

Check a good call to action off the blog post to-do list
Check a good call to action off the blog post to-do list
While many businesses are still new to blogging itself, many more are missing a crucial part of the post: the call-to-action.  Content writers everywhere are leaving money on the table when they forget this aspect of the blog post.  After all, the “human factors” and consumer psychology experts agree: consumers need to be told what to do when browsing online. The call-to-action moves them from the helpful blog post information closer to a page which encourages them to buy, call or sign up to get your email newsletter or RSS feed. In fact, a famous internet marketer penned a great book on just this subject. Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug became an instant internet marketing classic in the field’s early days (2005! So early!) because it revealed that when people are looking to buy online, they appreciate direction from one step or page to another. The blog post call to action helps up the odds that blog readers get one step closer to a point where they’ll turn money or connection over to you.

Examples of Great Calls to Action in Blog Posts

  • From Future Ink, one of my favorite San Diego internet marketing firms. It follows the blog post, How to Handle Social Media Mistakes, Blunders and Missteps:

“Could Your Business Use a Social Media Sounding Board?

Internet marketers since 1999, we’ve seen what flies and what fails in the sometimes-too-fast-and-free world of social media. Contact us today to find out if your social media instincts are on the money or a little off the mark. We’re happy to help you shape your message in the digital arena!”

Its headline is specific and indicates concern. It’s not hard sell, either, but a gentle question.

“Of course, being that we are SEO Inc., a 14 year old search marketing company with a reputation for quality work and innovation, we take things a step further. When asked how, our Director of Pay Per Click, Eythor Westman made the following statement.

“We update the product feed to include the Adwords labels and or Adwords grouping attributes. These attributes are then populated with the lowest level attribute values that each product is associated with such as the sub category or product collection. We then create auto targets for each of the smallest segments available. This allows us to bid hundreds or thousands of closely related product segments independently.”

Now that this area is paid, many people will want to learn how to create Google product listing ads. If you need help with your pay per click please learn more about our pay per click management services.” No headline on this one, but I do like the link to the specific services offered that goes to the specific page.  Look at the end of any web savvy organization these days and you’ll see a call to action at the end of each blog post.

For a Final Example, Informed Web Content’s Own Call to Action

You’ll find these on the bottom of all recent posts. If your current content writer isn’t including important things like title and meta tags and calls to action in your business blog posts, check out some of the guidance here on the Informed Web Content Blog.  “SEO Copywriting: 1 Keyword/Phrase, 9 Spots. Oh Yeah” is helpful as is, “Stuck? 21 Sentences to Prompt Blog Posts.” Feel free to call or email us today! Use our free tools to get more web content up on your site, and then depend on us for the tough search engine optimize copywriting and even copywriting guidance. We’re happy to do as much as you want and then disappear once you have a handle on it!      

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