Content Writer Alert: One More Nail in SEO Article Marketing Coffin

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This year, Marnie Pehrson, founder of article directory Idea,  deleted 3 million articles that hopeful internet marketers had posted to her site over the past 13 years. In case you’re not familiar with “article marketing” strategy, many search engine optimization companies depended mightily on sites like ezine, and more for backlinks that would boost their clients’ rankings. They would write industry specific articles containing backlinks to clients’ websites, hoping that with the power of the million-page directory behind them, the specific article would also come up high in search results, giving it lots of “link juice” or credibility with Google. The tragic flaw, however, inhered in the fact that neither SEO specialists nor their clients were professional writers. The quality of the articles was poor. More, however, these low quality articles DID work for a time, egging the writers on.  Blame fickle Google for being slow to realizing that most of the content contained nothing web browsers really wanted.  Once clued in, Google’s  used its Penguin and Panda updates to slam that coffin lid.

No More SEO Article Marketing? Now What?

Pehrson, who, to her credit, tried to keep the quality of articles high by creating various filters, now believes “creating unique, quality content and placing it on blogs and web sites that relate will always be a viable method of promoting yourself online.”Where the article directories once ruled SEO, now they torpedo it. Keep your content on your blog! And remember niche, niche niche, even to the point of being the LOCAL plumbing expert or the LOCAL self-defense class. Pehrson also believes that writing quality niche posts for other sites is smart marketing. Otherwise known as “guest posting,” articles with an even tighter focus than the blog you submit your guest posts to can siphon the specific traffic you need.  Pehrson explains, “Our survival as business owners depends on our ability to truly connect with our audience and serve their specific needs.” Translation: think of their questions ahead of time and write up solid answers. Check out Peep Laja’s excellent post, “Are You Providing Answers to Magic Questions?” (If you check out his About page, you’ll see that he is using some kind of photo/video hybrid for his profile. The Harry Potter era with the otherworldly newspapers that have those active photos is here!)

Need Quality Content for Your Website?

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