Internet Marketing Baloney-Hype: 5 Myths, 5 Truths & Many Action Steps

internet makreting hype examples
Promises like these are unethical, but internet marketing is effective when done properly.
      Geez, it’s annoying when I see an internet marketer say something like: “Double your traffic in 2 weeks with this proven plan!” or “Get your FREE website!” Website platforms like and  (also are particularly guilty of trumpeting free websites when, after YOU have built your site they tell you fees are now $100 – $300 per monthand if you want to move your nicely built out site, the fee is $999 or in the case of Homestead, you can’t move it EVER. Just letting off a little steam here  . . .  Let me know in the comments whether you’ve been defrauded by any big-promising internet marketing offers. I will write about them in future posts.  I’d love to hear what people are saying about Tony Robbins/Chet Homes’ “Ultimate Business Mastery” Summit. From a quick look, they do just what I do, but I’m personally accountable and I’m sure I charge far less.   Myth                                                 Truth                      Action Steps:
Master internet marketing and you “will become the trusted authority in your space, double your leads and trounce your competition!” With solid keyword research leading to meaningful category pages on a website, supported by social media, small businesses and pro service providers stand to gain a few more calls/leads per week. Think about using your “long-tail” keywords. “small office spaces Carlsbad,”  in addition to “San Diego Offices.” Write pages for each long tail keyword.
  You can get a website free! Internet marketing is free. and others set you up free for 30 days and then it costs $99 per month and $999 if you want to move it. Webly, Wix and others keep their extension on the end, looking unprofessional. No.   Call any of these vendors and learn how much they really charge. Expanding a website and doing social media takes time. If no time, must hire out.
  “We will submit your business to the top 50 directories! You don’t know how to do it right yourself.”   The directories pick you up on their own. You can also go to the directories and build out your profile by adding photos, video and descriptions using your keywords.   Go to,, Judy’s Book (see more attached) and search for your business. If it’s there, CLAIM it and build it out by uploading photos and writing more.  Or go to (universal business, click on “Check Visibility” and see where you are showing up. Ask your clients to give you reviews on Google Plus. Universal Business Listing will send your listing out to lots of directories for $169 per year. Changing your listing at changes it at all directories. Worth it for me.
  You must be on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ or your business will fail!  A bad review on Facebook and Google+ will ruin your business!   Most businesses report they ARE NOT getting sales directly from Facebook. LinkedIn is helping small biz make connections but sales develop from lots of one-on-one follow up. Most people go on Facebook every day. Seeing your posts come up daily keeps you top of mind, but to be effective small biz should post daily. A bad online review or comment will not ruin your business. It’s just the new reality and EVERY business gets them. Often, they make the reviewer look worse than the business itself.   Make it easy and cost/time-effective by using to post simultaneously to LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. Watch where your traffic is coming from
  You must focus on one certain guru’s ideas and follow that plan to get the most leads from the internet for your business.   You have to try several strategies and see which works best for your business. Forget “industry standards,” you have to track and monitor YOUR traffic and more.   Examine where your traffic is coming from, which pages they land on first and which pages they are most likely to leave from by adding your site to Google Analytics.

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