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Custom SEO requires a close look at your personality, client base, opportunities and limitations.
When I started in internet marketing, I targeted veterinarians. Because I love animals? Cuddle-wuddle, boo hoo hoo? No. Because animal care is ideal to promote online. Is your business ideal for online promotion? Where would you start? Whether it’s Search Engine Optimization (technical), Pay Per Click , YouTube (visual – movies), Facebook & Pinterest (Visual – photos), SEO Content (educational), every guru touts his or her own internet marketing medicine as the solution. The truth is that several important factors determine which of these internet marketing tools you should use separately and together. They are:
  • your business type,
  • how YOUR clients use the internet to find products and services
  • your competition,
  • your personality,
  • your target audience and
  • your goals.

To avoid boring you with dry explanation, I’m going to sacrifice the 16 members of my breakfast professional networking group to this analysis (they better let me still get the French toast!) Each will serve as an illustration of the individual flowers they may want to pick from the large and colorful bouquet that is internet marketing. But first . . .  

The Inescapable Center of Internet Marketing: The Search Engine Optimized Website

Unless your business just won’t get any attention online or you don’t need online leads (but then you ARE reading this article), everyone must have a search engine optimized website. Think of Google as a big directory and you have to tell Google where to put you. The keywords you choose for your page titles, meta descriptions and on-page content send Google messages so that it delivers your site correctly to ideal prospects looking for your products and services. Further, Google doesn’t index websites, it indexes individual web pages. Each page must have a different title saying what’s on that page. If you’ve done your keyword research, you know better than to call a “steering wheel lock” an “ignition interlock device,” the formal term. People are not typing the second into the Google search bar. In another twist, if you create a page title with the keywords “Manti te’o Football Stats” and then talk all about his pretend internet “girlfriend” on the page, Google will not deliver this page when someone looking for numbers types in “Manti te’o Football Stats.” Neither you nor I nor anyone is smarter than the combined power of Google’s 100 or so engineering PhDs. Google’s prime directive is to get the most relevant content to the searcher’s needs; they’ve become proficient at doing so. The searcher indicates his or her needs through the few words in the keyword phrase. The keyword phrase must appear in the page title, the meta description, the headline on the page and throughout the page content . . . but in a natural way.

Quick Internet Marketing Strategies for 14 Different Businesses

Onto the variety of businesses my pals provide . . . These unique business advantages stem from their personalities, their target audience, their goals, or what they offer.  For instance, estate planning attorney Christine comes across as both very smart and very sweet; after interacting with her for 5 minutes, it’s abundantly clear she would lock your estate plan down tight but never, NEVER, exploit you. She can leverage this unique facet of her personality to get more business through video.  

Business  Personality  Tele-genic or Media genic? Internet Marketing Rx: 
Christine,Estate Planning Attorney Sweet, helpful, smart Video is smart here. Who wouldn’t trust Christine? But subject not as filmable as dogs getting massage. (see “Karen B.” below) SEO Web Content & Brand Journalism  All attorneys should have optimized pages with one practice area per page.
Bruce,Structural Engineer Matter-of-factHonest Math guy – probably not thrilled about writing or video Social Media FocusVisual – Facebook! Photos of buildings, plans, neat fractals & spatial stuff. Knowledge of best keywords to optimize photos.
Bob,Business Attorney Friendly, Unflappable/Jaded Non-attention seeking SEO Web Content FocusEvery service combined with various neighborhoods.Category page for each practice area & blog for neighborhoods.
Michelle,Business consulting Driven, ClearSmart Non-attn seeking SEO Web Content Focus & Brand JournalismPage for every issue her ideal clients might run across: “biz plan” etc.  A Michelle Mag showcasing her expertise. Write blog articles, promote through Social, aggregate through Email Newsletter.
Lisa, Insurance consulting Sincere, kind,Knowledgeable Non-attn seeking Brand runs online promotion and all internet mktg. Hands tied.
Lacy,Mobile Notary, Tax Responsive, knowledgeable Non-attn seeking SEO Web Content FocusConvenience & speed business. Service pages by neighborhood for SEO
Karen M.Transition Financial Planning Smart, driven. Fine on video but subject not so conducive to it. Brand Journalism:blogging & Facebook & email newsletter
Kevin,L2L Senior Care Responsible, driven, capable Fine on video but subject not so conducive to it. Brand Journalism:SEO content on category pages & blogging. Facebook.
Joe,Mortgage broker Sweet, driven, capable Fine on video but subject not so conducive. Tough market: super-niche. Networking better than IM
Karen BBiomechanics and massage therapist Bubbly, knowledgeable sincere The best of everyone on video Video ContentVideo blog with written transcript right under it (who cares if no one reads it: Google bots do!) Keywords behind video important.
Richard L., Criminal Attorney Sincere, capable, dedicated Fine on video but subject not so conducive to it. SEO content and on category pages (practice areas all written out, one on each page). “News-jacking” blogging (next time Miley Cyrus gets a DUI:  “Miley Cyrus DUI: 3 Mistakes She Made San Diego Drivers Shouldn’t”).
Ron,Realtor Sweet, thorough, genuine Fine on video but subject not so conducive to it. Brand JournalismTough market. So competitive: super-niche – “Kensington condo realtor.”  “Downtown high rise realtor” etc. 20 – 50 pages on super specific topics. Networking may be better than IM
Eva,Custom Cabinets Funky, Fun, ModernToo arty to write. Before/after video. Social Media Focus.VISUAL Business – Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram with optimized titles so google can find easily. Video tours of new installs with keyword optimized transcripts of what Eva says below it.
Kathryn,Tax Accountant Capable, straight-shooter, reliable  Kathryn is a no-baloney numbers person who will get your numbers issues straightened out, but subject not so great on video. SEO Web Content FocusLike attorneys, geo-targeted SEO content for every service on service pages:  “San Diego Business Tax preparation,” “San Diego sole proprietor tax preparation,” “San Diego IRS Audit Organization.”Also, blogging, SM with an email newsletter that’s easily forwarded.
Rusanne,Bookkeeper Capable, reliable, calm and rational Like Kathryn, a no baloney numbers person who straightens out your disorganization. SEO Web Content: “San Diego Bookkeeping for Attorneys,” “San Diego Bookkeeping for Restaurants”  “San Diego Bookkeeping for Healthcare.” Niche, Niche, Niche.


 Custom Internet Marketing & SEO Strategy for Small Business

Four years ago (and probably still today), nothing flew around the internet faster than a cat or dog photo or video. Who better to leverage our natural propensity to get our jollies during a slow time at work by seeing a surfboarding dog on Facebook or a blog post? Secondly, the veterinarian has repeat business from a customer throughout the year and can sell services and treatments repeatedly. Bascially a consultant, the veterinarian can leverage “brand journalism” to promote his or her knowledge, dedication and services. The biggest reason I targeted veterinarians, however, was because they have a great deal of knowledge that they cannot convey in a 20 minute examination. If each could build his or her own compendium of knowledge—a reference library—online through a blog, what a resource that would be for the staff, pet owners and the veterinarian himself or herself! Paralyzed about how to get started with your internet marketing approach? No wonder.  For custom, cost-effective small business internet marketing strategies, feel free to give me a call at 858-248-0667 or fill out this contact form with your issue. Want to get good tips for small business SEO? Follow Informed Web Content on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. See you in cyberspace and maybe even in person some day!    

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