14 Businesses, 10 Industries, 8 Internet Marketing Strategies

  When I started in internet marketing, I targeted veterinarians. Because I love animals? Cuddle-wuddle, boo hoo hoo? No. Because animal care is ideal to promote online. Is your business ideal for online promotion? Where would you start? Whether it’s Search Engine Optimization (technical), Pay Per Click , YouTube (visual – movies), Facebook & Pinterest […]

Cheap Websites that Work for Testing a Potential New Small Business

Recently, a client asked me how she should go about testing the market for a new business she was considering. She wanted to create a website, but not invest much money. Cheap websites like Wix, Webly and web.com have hidden costs. Since the cheapest I can do a search-engine-optimized, visitor-conversion-focused website for is $1,895, (a.k.a. “real […]

Frodo v. Sauron in SEO or Go Long-Tail, Small Business!

Today, a business coach asked me to look at two websites. She couldn’t understand why one plumbing website consistently came up ahead of her client’s. I changed the names to protect my own hiney. Here’s what I wrote. Marilyn, Here are some things I found when researching your client “Frodo” Plumbing and its competitor, “Sauron […]

Internet Marketing Baloney-Hype: 5 Myths, 5 Truths & Many Action Steps

      Geez, it’s annoying when I see an internet marketer say something like: “Double your traffic in 2 weeks with this proven plan!” or “Get your FREE website!” Website platforms like wwwWeb.com and www.homestead.com  (also www.sitebuilder.com) are particularly guilty of trumpeting free websites when, after YOU have built your site they tell you […]

“I’m Not Very Tech Savvy:” A San Diego Content Writer Reviews Affordable Websites

Recently,  a realtor came to me warning that she’s “not very tech savvy,” in an apologetic tone. This realtor needs an affordable website for her San Diego business. Like many who call and email me, she was embarrassed to know nothing about search engine optimization, conversion optimization and social marketing. I worked hard to convince […]