Stuck? 21 Sentences to Prompt Blog Post Ideas

Print this list out and put it over your computer. Use it to get your keyboard smoking with blog post input! Business Activity Related Blog Post Prompts At last month’s Veterinary Dermatology/Green Technology/Childhood Obesity conference, I met a woman/saw a speaker who _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________. She shared with me that ____________________________________ __________________________________________. Those of us at […]

Best Content Writer Takeaways from eMarketer’s Digital Trends 2012

Content writers are supposed to be big readers, but geez! there’s so much to keep up on. Here’s the best information pertaining to website copywriting from eMarketer’s solid report, Digital Trends 2012. People are going berserk for iPads, and Digital Trends 2012 spends a lot of time reviewing how companies are creating movies, games and […]

5 Steps to Get VOICE into Website Copywriting for Personal Brands

Brace yourself for my typical cautious (jaundiced?) look at internet-goldrush-style-hype, this time pertaining to the website copywriting perspective on Personal Brands. Three well-known personal brands spoke at Interactive Day San Diego’slecture “People are Brands, Too!” on June 16, 2012.  All three have thousands of Twitter and Facebook follower and lots of traffic to their websites. […]

Writing Web Content: 5 Clear Parameters and 3 Tricks

A business owner’s excitement about his or her new web design often gets torpedoed by one simple question:  “When will you be writing web content? The site can’t go live until we get it.” Many small business owners bluff, mumbling that they’ll be writing web content that very weekend. At home, they search the web […]