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“Suzanne is a fantastic copywriter. Not only does she have a knack for writing creative content, but she takes the time to really understand what the content’s purpose is. This allows her to write targeted, compelling and relevant content whether it’s a blog post, web content or email campaign. Because she understands SEO, her copy also does a great job of catching the attention of search engines which goes a long way to support our optimization efforts. She is wonderful to work with and our clients have nothing but positive things to say about the content she crafts for them.”- Jeune Ortiz, VP of Marketing and Creative Director, Future Ink
“Suzanne was a great addition to our team. She consistently provided top flight quality content for our article and blog sections. In particular, her flower guides showcased her research and copywriting strentgths. Plus, she went above and beyond by doing diligence on SEO algorhythm updates that impacted the way content was developed and created. We sincerely appreciated her contributions over the past year.”- Robert Dudley, Director of SEO, ProFlowers, Sharries Berries, Red Envelope, Personal Creations
“Thanks Suzanne for the great writing and rapid communication. You really managed to see what we are doing at the Lightning Brewery by listening to my ramblings about beer. Then you were able to capture our focus on “Purity, Quality and Integrity” and that we “Brew Better Beer though Science.”- James J. Crute, PhD, Head Brewer and Founder, Lightning Brewery